May, 2014

East Centric Architecture Triennale 2013, sa tematikom Trans (ap)parencies, uvrstilo je SUVREMENU INTERPRETACIJU TRADICIONALNE ZAGORSKE HIŽE na svoju izložbu i katalog u kategoriji TRANS-APPARENCIES. East Centric Arhitext Awards is a regional architectural competition. The Awards have an older history in Romania, as the contest has been a national one until 2011, under the name of Arhitext Design Awards. The awards, as national contest, have had 10 editions so far. To have a more critical perspective over the competing projects we will invite as president of the juries an architect outside the Central and Eastern Europe. The contest, as well as the exhibition and the juries, are made up of 5 sections: Residential buildings, Public buildings, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Regeneration.